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So much to say, yet nothing at all.

Here I am. Feeling quite miserable.

Sick. Overworked. Tired. Emotional.

Get over it. I need to get over it.

I need to focus my energy (the little that I have right now) on being positive. It’s funny how everyone goes through moments of ups and downs. Something called “life”. There’s so much good in the world, but it’s hard to see when you’re surrounded by a thick fog of depression.

The worst part of it is that I know I don’t have it half as bad as most people. In fact, I should be incredibly grateful for what I have. I know that I’m fortunate for this life I’ve created for myself. And I am very grateful. I’m grateful for my children, for my job, my close friends and family. I have a bed to sleep in, food on my table, and my health (other than this simple cold that I’m getting over). My children are healthy and happy. This is all that should really matter. It’s just hard to enjoy it when my mind is sitting in the bottom of a hole wondering how to get out. Wondering how to make things better. Wondering if I’m doing the right things, making the right choices.

I have been listening to the book 11-22-63 by Steven King on Audible lately. It’s a very interesting read that involves a man who is able to go back through time. Sometimes I ask myself, if given the opportunity, would I go back in time to change things for myself? Some days I would love to meet the younger me to give myself advice on how to be more successful. To tell myself to make certain choices rather than others. To give myself guidance. But if I did, would I still be who I am today? Would it make me a better person? Would I be happier? Ultimately, I think not.

We learn through our mistakes. We learn by stressing ourselves to our limits. It helps us grow. If we knew all of the answers, what fun would life be?

I like the person that I’ve become. I need to remember that. There is, after all, only one me. (Though I also believe that we are all connected, but that will be a different blog altogether). I think that if I were able to help others to see thing more positively, it would fill the emptiness that I’ve been feeling.

One thing that I would love to do is foster children. To help someone who has nothing. To give them everything that I can. Love, support, and everything in-between. It will be a goal of mine. Perhaps when my children are older and when I’m financially ready.

I thought veganism was that “void-filler” and it was for a while, but the more I preach veganism, the more I feel that the world is against me. It’s frustrating when friends and family don’t take it as seriously as I do. And I suppose that’s fine, since I used to feel the same way. Not being able to make the connection from the slaughtered animals to what was on my plate. Or maybe it was the lack of caring. I don’t know. Knowing what I know now though, I thought I could help others see it too. But it isn’t so. I feel like giving up. Not on my vegan lifestyle, but on encouraging others to do the same. Society rules all.

In the meantime, I will put more focus on the positive things. The things that I am so lucky to have. And the hope that I can help this world in other ways. Going back in time won’t change a thing. I need to focus on the future. The future of myself, my family, and others. I think I’ll give myself 15 minutes of meditation tonight. To clear my mind. To send out positive vibrations and to be ready to receive them in return. Maybe it’ll help. Maybe it won’t.

‘Til next time. ❤


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When life give you lemons?

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. I couldn’t keep up with blogging even if I was paid for it. I’ve been completely wrapped up with work, home life, and honestly, with feeling quite down.

Work is just… well, work. I’m working to live, living to work. Aren’t we all? There’s hardly any free time. Work from 8am-5pm, with a 45 minute commute each way. So it takes up a lot more. I love my job, but damn I miss my family. My awesome little kids… with whom I’m watching the Netflix TV Series “Dark”. We shared some vegan BBQ chips and made our own guacamole. Here’s the recipe that we used:

1 – Avocado
2 – Small tomatoes
2Tbsp – Chopped red onions
1Tsp – Lime juice (or LEMON)
1Tsp – Vinegar
Pinch of Salt (Optional)

Anyway, I also work as a Reservist with the USAF. That takes up another one of the four weekends that I do have during the month. It’s draining. All I want to do is sleep when I get home now. That’s not what I do though. I do what I can to spend time with my kids. Help them with homework, make dinner, watch a movie. I need more energy. Coffee only helps so much.

This has only brought me down. I need to find time for myself. Time to meditate. Time to do fun activities with my kids. I’m taking classes online and I can’t even manage to find time to study for that. How do I get my life in order? Where do I start?

I’m still trying to figure it out. This is all I’ve got for now.

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Past Mistakes.

In one of my previous posts, I briefly mentioned my pre-vegan eating. Let me elaborate. Before the year 2014, I ate horribly. I’m talking fast food all day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King… those were my top 3 favorites. The reason I say this is because I was headed on a bad path for my health and well-being… and I was pulling my children down right along with me.

This is so important because in my previous post I complained about my insecurities and my unhealthy eating habits, when in reality, I should feel much better about the decisions I make now. I cook much more than I ever did. Years ago, my go-to meal was the double quarter pounder and for my kids, it was the chicken nugget Kid’s Meal with fries and a soda. YES, SODA. It kills me to think of how poorly educated I was when it came to health and nutrition.

Neither my kids nor I have had fast food (or soda) in 3 years.. unless Chipotle counts?? In fact, my kids LOVE fruits and veggies. They eat so well and I couldn’t be more proud! That never would have happened if we didn’t have a major life change. Now, I’m not saying veganism is the answer for everyone, but it was for us.

I bring this up to you because if we never made the transition to a vegan diet, we would still be eating the same way. I don’t think I would have ever developed an interest in nutrition. I wouldn’t read ingredient lists like I do today. I would be in terrible shape… literally speaking.

Am I where I want to be when it come to weight now? As you would know from my previous post… the answer is no. I would definitely love to lose a few pounds and get in better shape. There’s always room for improvement.

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Vegan Gains. For Real.

Good evening to those of you reading my post. I know it’s been a long ass time since I’ve even attempted writing. A lot has been on my mind lately, so it’s been difficult trying to make this blog a priority. As silly as it might sound, I probably should make this a priority for the sake of my sanity (no, not really, but I think it could help).

With that said, I will begin my vent, rant, whatever.

Let me get a little personal… I’m very uncomfortable about my body and my weight. I’m not usually comfortable talking about it either, but maybe it needs to be said for me to get my shit together. I’ve never been extremely “overweight”, but lately I can say that I’ve packed on quite a few, unflattering, pounds. Crazy thing is, I’m vegan! “Aren’t vegans supposed to be skinny?” Hell no, so shut up and sit down.

Sure, I don’t eat fast food like I used to, but that doesn’t mean I can’t gain weight! I. Love. Bagels. There. I said it. I love bagels smothered with Vegenaise, Follow Your Heart cheese, and Tofurkey. I could eat those ALL DAMN DAY! With a little lettuce, tomato, onions…. ahh… All that, and pizza. Of course pizza. It’s so easy! And they have a pizza place near me that has vegan options and it’s so cheap. I could go on and on about my favorite foods (to 100% include Thai..oh and lots of desserts), but let’s face it, what good will that do me? None.

Anyway, I figure if I can change my lifestyle so drastically in one way (from eating so much meat and cheese! to cutting it out completely), then I can change it in other ways as well… right?

This is where my dilemma comes into play. Where do I even begin? Do I want to commit myself to dressing-less salads for the rest of my life? I don’t want to start some diet fad or starve myself. I just want to find what works for ME. *Insert exaggerated crying emoji here*.

Basically this is where I’m at: deciding on what to do next. I’m 5’6″ just sitting here with 150lb weight. It doesn’t sound like much, but just a year ago I was 135lbs. So within 365ish days, I’ve gained 15lbs.

And in case you’re curious (not that you are, but in case, you never know), my BMI reads normal.. the normal range for my height is 114.6lbs-154.9. I’m pushing more towards that far end.

And ya know, I’ve tried out the whole Facebook workout groups and B.S. and even tried doing some BeachBody crap. I realized that it’s just not for me.

So now I look at it like this, I can either do something about it, or I can keep on bitching as an attempt make myself feel better. I’m going to do a bit of research to see what lifestyle change will suit me most. You are more than welcome to sit back and read my journey or you can totally join me! That would be awesome! Just hit me up and let me know. It would be super supportive and I would give that support right on back.

Guess it all ends here for now. “Stay tuned” for my next blog. I’ll throw in recipes and exercise ideas, or whatever the hell I decide to do. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks all! 😉


Journey into Veganism.

Although I want my future posts to be more captivating and full of accurate, useful information for all things that I find interesting, I’m going to keep this one about my story to veganism simple and sweet.

Before anything, I want you to have a little insight of who I was back in my high school days and my earlier years of parenting. Below is a piece that I wrote last month to my family and friends on Facebook. It’ll give you an idea of how I used to be.


Now you know, without having to go into too much detail, that three years ago my family and I made the transition to a vegan diet. It just takes time and dedication. Soon I will take the time to discuss types of food that I eat, supplements I take, and how all of it has had a positive effect on my life. I will write these pieces in different sections to make the reading simple. Just know for now: the only thing I regret about going vegan is not doing it sooner. If you’re considering making the switch to a vegan diet, my message to you is: Start today. ❤


The Veginning.

This is quite obviously my first post.

Let me make this clear… I simply have no idea what I’m doing right now. I have no idea what this blog will become, if it becomes anything at that, and I have no idea how many people will take an interest in what I have to say. Regardless, I will continue to fight for what I believe in and I will encourage anyone that I can to do the same.

Before we begin, here are some things you should know: you should know why this blog was created, what it was created to do, and learn a quick background story of the author, eh… meaning myself.

Prior to making this blog, I had been struggling to come up with ideas to become more involved with my community. Let me be real–I’m still struggling. I’m hoping this blog will help me sort out those ideas. Those ideas will more than likely include personal stories, opinions, and feelings as well.

My ultimate goal is to meet others with the same interests, to encourage people to get more involved, and to help anyone who’s interested in make better life choices. Those are my reasons for starting this page, but what exactly will this page support?

One of my biggest passions is veganism and that’s exactly what my blog will promote. In this day and age, it’s not necessary to consume animal products. There’s so much information available on the mistreatment of animals, the effects that farming has on our planet, and what animal products are doing to our bodies. I’ll go into more detail on each of these issues in later posts.

Another passion of mine is getting involved. When I talk about getting involved, I mean an entire range of things, from spreading awareness about important topics to helping those in need. In order to implement change, people need to open their eyes to the evils of this world. Without knowing what problems there are, how can we fix them? This is why it’s so important to spread information. FACTUAL, REFERENCED information.

I also want to help those in need. I want to help children in hospitals and foster care, I want to help the homeless, and I want to bring happiness to elders in senior homes. It’s so overwhelming to me that I really don’t know where to begin. As I figure things out, I’ll post the information that I find and list useful resources that anyone can use. It will be a learning process, but I’m ready to begin.

That leaves me to tell you a bit about myself. My greatest life accomplishment, before anything else, is being a mother to three amazing kids. I’m indescribably grateful to have such outgoing, intelligent, beautiful children. You will see me write more about them and their involvement in my projects in future posts.

I’m also proud to say that I am an Airman in the United States Air Force. I’m a Staff Sergeant in the field of technology. Technology is another passion of mine, but won’t be discussed in this blog. When I have the time and energy, I will create a completely separate blog to teach those who are interested in what I do.

Last of all, as you already know, I’m a vegan and have been so for the past three years. This means I don’t eat any type of meat or seafood, dairy products to include cheese, yogurt or milk, and I don’t buy items made of leather. Of course, I will show you in later blogs that there are alternatives to all of these things. My children are also vegan and wouldn’t have it any other way. They, as am I, are proud to know that we don’t support the meat or dairy industry.

Now you know why this blog was created, what it supports, and you know a little bit about me. I’m excited to start this journey and I’m hopeful that I can make a difference, even if it’s to one person. Please feel free to contact me at at any time. I’m a slow at responding, so bare with me. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Remember, this is only the veginning. 😉 Peace out. ❤