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Song List. A-Z.

A – Animals. Martin Garrix
B – Bloodstream. Stateless
C – Colors. Halsey
D – Dust it Off. The Dø
E – Eyes Closed. Halsey
F – Faded. Alan Walker
G – Give it Up. Knife Party
H – Haunting. Halsey
I – I Hate U, I Love U. Gnash
J – Jessie’s Girl. Rick Springfield
K – Keep on Walking. Passenger
L – Little Brother. Ella Vos
M – Mad Hatter. Melanie Martinez
N – New Americana. Halsey
O – Ocean Eyes. Billie Eilish
P – Power Glove. Knife Party
Q – Que Sera.  Wax Tailor.
R – Radioactive. Imagine Dragons
S – Slip. Elliot Moss
T – True Affection. The Blow
U – Under Pressure. Queen
V – Vertigo. U2
W – Way Down We Go. Kaleo
Y – Your Song. Elton John (sung by Ewan McGregor)
Z – Zombies Ate My Neighbor. Schoolboy

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Peace of Mind?

Candle lit. Incense burning. Calm mind.

This is where I find peace.

I am at peace.

My consciousness goes into a completely different state when I do this. I feel more awake. My mind is open. My body is relaxed. I usually have a difficult time with meditating like this. I’m always so tense. So busy. So clouded.

My spiritual energy was almost non-existent, but I feel it coming back. Slowly, but I am getting there. I’m becoming more in-tune with myself and with things around me again. What is this sensation? Do you know that feeling you get when you wake up naturally from a nap that you’ve taken in the middle of the day? Your entire body is tingling, but you feel wide awake. Refreshed. Happy. I don’t know a better way to describe this. I wish I could explain to you what I feel. I wish you could feel what I feel.

Aloha Bay – Healing Chakra Energy Candle

Try. Try to feel this way. Find a quite space of your own where you won’t be disturbed. Set up some candles. Burn any incense of your choice. I prefer Triloka Royal Sandalwood cones or the Sandalwood herbal sticks. These are just my choices. Find what works best for you.

I prefer to lay down when I meditate, but you can choose to sit. I use my room as my sanctuary. I set everything up, lay on my bed, and close my eyes as I relax my body and mind. It’s can be really simple, but you have to let yourself go.

It felt awkward for me when I first began doing this. But accept it. By doing so, you will feel a weight lift from your chest that you didn’t know was there. Release the negativity. Why have you been holding onto it? Try. Let go. See what happens.

* * * * *

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